Friday, March 29, 2013

Dixon Brothers

I find it kind stupid giving much time and effort about The Walking Dead's episode 15 "this sorrowful life". and damn it's already 3:07 in the morning, Black Saturday, but I just can't help it, I'm so hooked up with TWD esp with the Dixon brothers. oh...and it's just so sad when I started to like them, one of them just...urgh... gone, dead, walkerfied, or whatever you call it... and insane as it sounds, but I mourn for a fictional character, Merle, the older one of the Dixon. I’m still emotionally drained fromthat episode and I have to work and be a functioning member of society and I really don’t want to because people are going to ask me what’s wrong and I’ll just be able to say, “Merle… Daryl.. My Dixon brothers are no more” and they won’t understand. T.T

here's a litte background of the brothers and why I loved them.

Merle was a racist, sexist, druggie, was psychologically and emotionally abusive to Daryl.

well,I do think it’s the most sorrowful death in The Walking Dead, why? because all Merle’s life was sorrowful.
He was just a child when his father abused him, he was with Daryl, yes, and he took all he could so that Daryl wouldn’t get as much, but one can stand just too many pain, specially being that young, of course Merle took off, wouldn’t you?  As a young one, being abused by your father, you can just take as much pain, I can assure you, he was racist, of course, he was cruel, sure. But that was just because he was in pain, the thing behind racist people is that they’re afraid, they’re confused, they’re just terrified...
Merle had a very horrible life, even Daryl, Daryl had a horrible life too, and still, they had each other, Merle loved his brother and was loved in return by him. Merle wanted the best for his brother, wanted Daryl to have a life he knew Daryl deserved, but the thing is, Merle didn’t thought he deserved any better than what he got, no one did, Daryl did..

Daryl thought Merle deserved better, that he deserved a chance (and I agree with him...)

So, yeah, Sophias death was horrible, she was just 12 and her mother watched her die, sure it was horrible and painful, but they loved eachother when she was alive. She had a mother who cared about her, she was a happy child, she never had to do something horrible to survive or eat.

Merle and Daryl on the other hand, I can assure you they didn’t had that chance, of a loving mother, a normal life, they were always on their own and that’s what made me love them. Because they were strong enugh to stay alive, and they had so much pain to carry on their shoulders, and still they cared for the other.
So.. yeah, I mourn the death of Merle, not only beause of Daryl, but because Merle deserves to be mourned, because no one thinks he does, not even him...
And now Daryl even had to kill his own brother, the one person who needed him most.

Daryl’s reaction when he sees Merle as a walker killed me. He looked like a lost kid crying his eyes out.

sorry for rambling, I just wanted to say that and get it off my chest...
Also, sorry for my bad english, I’m upset and tired and insomniac and I just want a hug... lol..

R.I.P Merle you went out doing the right thing.. i feel so bad for daryl the last thing he got to say was i want my brother back :/

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